PoE Expedition Vendors & Vendor Reset

PoE Expedition Vendors: Tujen, Rog, Gwennen, Dannig.

Vendors / Currency Gwennen Tujen Rog Dannig
Reset Inventory Astragali Astragali Exotic Coinage Exotic Coinage Scrap Metal Scrap Metal Burial Medallion Burial Medallion
Tier 1 Lesser Broken Circle Artifact Lesser Broken Circle Artifact Lesser Black Scythe Artifact Lesser Black Scythe Artifact Lesser Order Artifact Lesser Order Artifact Lesser Sun Artifact Lesser Sun Artifact
Tier 2 Common Broken Circle Artifact Common Broken Circle Artifact Common Black Scythe Artifact Common Black Scythe Artifact Common Order Artifact Common Order Artifact Common Sun Artifact Common Sun Artifact
Tier 3 Greater Broken Circle Artifact Greater Broken Circle Artifact Greater Black Scythe Artifact Greater Black Scythe Artifact Greater Order Artifact Greater Order Artifact Greater Sun Artifact Greater Sun Artifact
Tier 4 Grand Broken Circle Artifact Grand Broken Circle Artifact Grand Black Scythe Artifact Grand Black Scythe Artifact Grand Order Artifact Grand Order Artifact Grand Sun Artifact Grand Sun Artifact

Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook

1. Tujen, the Haggler

Tujen, the Haggler, is open to negotiating but has a short temper.

Tujen offers you items with unreasonably high prices. But he’s happy to haggle. You can always buy the item at the price he’s offering, but if you offer a lower price he might accept it, counteroffer or withdraw the item entirely if he is offended by your lowball.

He also occasionally sells currency items, so it’s worthwhile keeping some of the artifacts he’s looking for on hand just in case you see an opportunity.

Vendor Reset currency: Exotic Coinage Exotic Coinage.

Tujen, the Haggler PoE

2. Rog, the Dealer

Rog, the Dealer is a fearful but earnest man who just wants to make a deal.

Rog is an average man pushed into Wraeclast’s dangers. He’s helpful, concerned, and a bit fearful. He is very happy for you to do the fighting so that he can stay safe on the sidelines. He loves making deals and trying to upsell you.

If you buy one of the items that Rog offers, he’ll try to offer you a more complex deal where he improves the item via crafting. If you accept this deal, he’ll try to upsell you again and again until you eventually walk away with your purchase. If you can’t afford one of these incremental upgrades, you can leave and come back later with enough runed artifacts to cover the cost. Because you don’t get to supply your own starter item for this process, and have to select an item with promise from the range he offers, his incremental crafting upgrades are priced rather cheaply.

Vendor Reset currency: Scrap Metal Scrap Metal.

Rog, the Dealer PoE

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3. Gwennen, the Gambler

Gwennen, the Gambler is a cynical gambler who claims luck depends on how hard you believe. So you really need to convince yourself you’re going to get that Headhunter Headhunter. If you don’t, it’s your fault.

Gwennen shows you a set of base types with unknown properties. When you gamble by buying one, you’ll receive a random item of that base type back. It could easily be a random magic item that you have no use for. Sometimes, it can be a very valuable rare or unique item. It’s probably best to prioritise gambling on base types that are most relevant to your character.

Once you have exhausted all the items that interest you, it’s possible to use a specific new currency item to reroll the gamble window to a set of new items of your current level.

Sometimes a base type shows up that is a lot more expensive than it would usually be, and gambling on this item has a higher expected value than normal. You’re taking the risk that it could still be junk though!

Vendor Reset currency: Astragali Astragali.

Gwennen, the Gambler PoE

4. Dannig, Warrior Skald

Dannig, Warrior Skald is the heart of the expedition, its brave leader and loremaster.

Dannig is interested in specific types of runed artifacts and wants to trade these from you for a variety of options such as currency that lets you reroll vendor inventories, logbooks, or artifacts that the other Kalguuran traders are looking for.

You can talk to the traders in the wild, in town or in your hideout. They grant you access to your Expedition Locker (which is like the Heist Locker – a lockbox for league-specific items) which can be accessed in all three places also. We’re adding the affinity system to these lockers.

Talk to Dannig in your hideout and give him an Expedition Logbook Expedition Logbook you have found and go on an Expedition to one of the locations it describes. These are all exotic places that no Exiles have ever travelled to before.

Vendor Reset currency: Burial Medallion Burial Medallion.

Dannig, Warrior Skald PoE

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