Eve of Destruction — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction is a quest in Act 5. Mandatory to finish the Act and advance to the next difficulty level.

Given: Given by the Ancients.
Triggered By: Defeating the Ancients (Quest Five)
Location: Throne of Destruction.
Tips: Find the Throne of Destruction. Defeat all Monsters in Baal’s Throne Room. Then enter the Worldstone Chamber and defeat Baal. Baal can spawn in duplicates of himself. Try to keep track of the real Baal (like the shell game) and do not waste your time attacking the “fake” Baal. Static Field works very nicely on Baal to bring him down. Baal has many special abilities. Just focus on heading directly for him and beat him up!
Description: Beware. As you enter the gates to the mountain you will not be alone. Baal, the Lord of Destruction, is already inside.

Tyrael has always been our protector, but even he cannot help us now. Baal has blocked our spiritual presence from entering the chamber of the Worldstone. Only you mortal have any chance of defeating him now.

He threatens the Worldstone and with it the world itself. You must stop Baal before it is too late. If he gains control of the Worldstone all is lost.

Rewards: Baal’s item drop, complete the Act, view final cinematic, gain a title.

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Quest Walkthrough

This is what it all comes down to, one final showdown against Baal himself. Of course, you first have to fight through giant hordes of his minions as you make your way through four levels of the Worldstone Keep. You’ll be facing off against powered-up versions of the monsters you’ve fought thus far, so there’s not much new to learn in the way of tactics. You want to keep groups small by moving cautiously. That said, don’t stand in one place too long, or Baal will activate a trap that deals significant damage. Make sure you also grab the Waypoint on Level 2 just in case something happens.

When you find yourself on the Throne of Destruction, the final level of the dungeon, you can run past all of the minions and start Baal’s boss rush. However, it’s smart to clear out the monsters here to give yourself a fallback if you need to take a break from dealing with Baal’s mini-bosses. Once you’re ready, head into Baal’s chamber and clear it of enemies. Then, Baal will summon five different waves of mini-bosses and minions based on each of the five acts.

The first wave is a group of Fallen Ones and their Shaman Colenzo the Annihilator. He is fire enchanted, which means he’ll deal quite a bit of damage on death, but as long as you focus on the mini-boss, you should be fine. Next up is a group of Skeletal Mages that use cold spells and a group of Unravellers led by Achmel the Cursed. If you need to divide and conquer, draw the mages to the lower part of the chamber and kill them. That should take them out of resurrection range. Then, deal with the Unravellers, paying attention to your health bar as they can use an Unholy Bolt to drop your health quickly.

Wave three brings Council Members led by Bartuc the Bloody. You’ll probably be poisoned after dealing with Achmel, so consider heading back to town to clear that effect. These monsters can deal a ton of fire damage, so it’s smart to try and draw some of them away from the group to make them more manageable. The fourth wave brings extra fast Venom Lords and Ventar the Unholy. Again, back off from Baal’s throne and deal with in manageable groups. Finally, you’ll face off against Lister the Tormentor and his Minions of Destruction. They can be very tough because, as a group, they can easily stun lock you and quickly send you to the grave. Try to get them separated as best you can and don’t be afraid to jump back to town if you need more potions. Once all of the minions are dead, Baal will head through the portal behind him. Follow him to end this.

Baal has a few abilities to watch out for. Hoarfrost sends out a wave that chills and knocks back players. This can make it tough to chase Baal down, as well as deal quite a bit of damage. Incineration Nova sends out a ring of projectiles in all directions, while Mana Rift halves your current mana. He can also teleport around the room and summon a duplicate of himself. There is a way to tell if you’re hitting the real Baal by looking at his nameplate. The fake Baal has the “B” in his name and the “D” in Demon perfectly aligned. With the real Baal, the “D” is slightly off-center. Ideally, you want to dodge as many of his attacks (particularly Hoarfrost) as you can and chunk him down. As always, don’t forget to use a Town Portal to jump back to town and refill your potions. Once he’s down, pick up your loot, talk to Tyrael, and enter the portal to finish the game.

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