The Impaler of Ash and Ambition: Facing Messmer in the Shadow of the Erdtree

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC brings forth a formidable foe: Messmer, the Impaler. This mandatory boss stands between you and the DLC’s deeper secrets, demanding a fiery clash of wills.

A Shard of Rykard’s Legacy

Messmer is a demigod, though shrouded in enigma. His crimson hair and serpentine companions echo Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, hinting at a connection yet to be fully unraveled. Undoubtedly, power flows through his veins, fueled by both ambition and a mastery of flame.

Seeking the Impaler

To confront Messmer, venture into the imposing Shadow Keep. Navigate the labyrinthine halls of the Specimen Storehouse, situated in the northwest corner near the Dark Chamber Entrance Site of Grace. There, within the heart of this macabre collection, Messmer awaits.

A Tempest of Fire and Steel

Messmer is a whirlwind of fury. He wields a formidable spear and unleashes devastating fire spells, testing your reflexes and heat resistance. His attacks leave a lingering burn, a constant reminder of his power. Remember, Tarnished, even the most resilient armor can succumb to such relentless flames.

A Warrior’s Dance: Strategies for the Impaler

  • Embrace the Cold: Frostbite is Messmer’s weakness. Equip weapons and enchantments that inflict this status effect to gain a tactical advantage.
  • Parry and Punish: Messmer’s attacks leave him open for brief windows. A well-timed parry can create an opportunity for a devastating counterattack.
  • Embrace the Ashes: Don’t hesitate to summon Spirit Ashes to distract Messmer. This allows you to heal, regroup, and unleash powerful blows. Hornsent’s sign can be found within the battlefield itself, offering a spectral ally for this fiery duel.
  • Respect the Flames: Don’t underestimate the power of Messmer’s fire magic. Maintain a strategic distance, dodge swiftly, and prioritize fire-resistant gear if available.

Conquering the Impaler’s Might

Victorious against Messmer, you’ll claim a hefty reward: 400,000 Runes, Messmer’s Kindling (an item of unknown purpose), and the Remembrance of the Impaler. This remembrance can be exchanged for powerful weapon arts or spells, a testament to the demigod’s fiery legacy.

A Stepping Stone to Greater Secrets

Defeating Messmer is but a stepping stone on your journey through the Shadow of the Erdtree. His story, shrouded in mystery, hints at a larger narrative yet to be fully grasped. Press on, Tarnished, and unravel the secrets that lie beyond the Impaler’s fiery demise.

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