Unveiling Elden Ring the Lands Between Rune: A Tarnished Keepsake

The Lands Between Rune, a curious item shrouded in lore, is a starting Keepsake you can choose in Elden Ring. While it offers a modest sum of Runes (Elden Ring’s currency), its true significance lies in its connection to the shattered world you’re about to explore.

A Glimpse of Lost Grace

The description hints at a bygone era. It speaks of "grace" once dwelling in the eyes of the Lands Between’s inhabitants. This grace, perhaps a form of blessing or inner light, has faded, leaving behind a "lingering residue of gold" – the Lands Between Rune itself.

A Boon for the Tarnished

For the Tarnished, these exiles ostracized from grace, the Lands Between Rune serves a more practical purpose. Using it grants 3,000 Runes, a helpful boost in the early stages when every Rune counts. This sum can provide a valuable advantage, allowing you to level up a few times and potentially unlock new skills or strengthen your starting stats.

Where to Find It (and Why You Might Wait)

Unlike other items, the Lands Between Rune isn’t found in the world. It’s a starting Keepsake you choose during character creation. Here’s the interesting part: the description suggests it might be best to hold onto it for a while.

While the 3,000 Runes are tempting, consider waiting until you unlock the ability to level up. This way, you avoid the risk of losing those precious Runes if you die before reaching a Site of Grace (Elden Ring’s checkpoint).

The Choice is Yours

The Lands Between Rune offers a symbolic and practical advantage. Whether you use it right away or hold onto it for a strategic moment, this Keepsake serves as a reminder of the lost grace of the Lands Between and the challenges that lie ahead for your Tarnished character.

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