Unveiling the Empyreans: Elden Ring’s Demigods Destined for Divinity

In the shattered world of Elden Ring, power takes many forms. But among the demigods, a select few possess the potential to transcend their lineage and become gods themselves: the Empyreans. These extraordinary beings hold the key to shaping the very fabric of reality, ushering in a new order for the Lands Between.

What Marks an Empyrean?

Unlike regular demigods, Empyreans are vessels capable of wielding the Elden Ring’s immense power. This sacred artifact dictates the fundamental laws of the world, making it a coveted tool for any aspiring deity. Queen Marika, the Eternal, stands as the prime example. By becoming the Elden Ring’s vessel, she established the Golden Order, the current governing system.

However, the path to godhood isn’t singular. Malenia, the fearsome Blade of Miquella, demonstrates another method. Upon blooming for the third time, she is prophesied to ascend to godhood entirely separate from the Elden Ring’s influence. Whether other Empyreans possess such unique methods remains shrouded in mystery.

Blood and Blessing: The Birth of Empyreans

The origins of Empyreans are shrouded in some ambiguity. While some, like Malenia and Miquella, are born from a single god (possibly Marika herself, split into two entities), Ranni, daughter of Rennala and Radagon (Marika’s other half), suggests alternate routes. It seems being offspring of a singular god isn’t the sole criterion.

During the Erdtree’s reign, the Two Fingers, enigmatic outer beings, seemingly held sway over Empyrean selection. They bestowed upon these chosen ones loyal shadowbound beasts, known as "shadows," to safeguard them. These shadows, however, bear a heavy burden. If their Empyrean masters resist the Two Fingers’ will, the shadows are cursed to madness, becoming a twisted reflection of their former loyalty. Maliketh, the Black Blade serving Marika, and Blaidd the Half-Wolf, Ranni’s companion, are the only known shadows in existence.

Consorts and Aspirations: The Price of Power

The title of "lord" holds special significance in the world of Empyreans. Mohg, the Lord of Blood, exemplifies this by desiring to become Miquella’s consort, hoping to elevate both of them to godhood. Interestingly, the Tarnished, the player character, can also achieve the rank of lord by becoming consort to either Marika or Ranni, blurring the lines between prophecy and player agency.

The influence of Empyreans stretches beyond the realm of the living. The unnamed god worshipped by Dragonlord Placidusax is heavily implied to be a former Empyrean and Elden Lord, hinting at a deeper connection between these beings and the world’s very creation.

A Legacy of Light and Shadow

The term "Empyrean" itself carries weight. It references the highest heaven in ancient thought, a realm of pure light and fire. In Japanese, they are known as "Shinjin," translating to "Divine Man" or "God-like Man," underlining their celestial potential.

Understanding the Empyreans is crucial to comprehending the power struggles that define Elden Ring. These extraordinary beings stand as potential architects of a new world order, their choices shaping the fate of the Lands Between. Will they become benevolent deities or succumb to the corrupting influence of power? The answer lies in the choices you make as the Tarnished, for your path is intertwined with theirs.

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