Elden Ring Armor of Night

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces the Armor of Night, a chestpiece shrouded in both darkness and intrigue. This unique armor, once bestowed upon warriors born deep underground, offers not only protection but also a connection to a forgotten legacy.

A Touch of the Abyss

The inscription paints a vivid picture – "bottomless black chest armor, cool to the touch." It evokes a sense of mystery and the chilling embrace of the unknown. The flowing lines "in the seeming shape of a fingerprint" add another layer of intrigue, hinting at a possible connection to a forgotten civilization or a pact made with an otherworldly entity. The final detail about the armor "imprisoning the wearer in utterly lightless dark" suggests a potential downside – perhaps a limitation on sight or a heightened vulnerability to light-based magic.

Champions of the Deep

The inscription continues, revealing the armor’s origin: "Bestowed upon those born deep underground, ordaining them as Swordhands of Night." This establishes a clear link between the armor and a subterranean order of warriors, skilled fighters who wielded the power of darkness in combat.

Claiming the Night’s Embrace

Obtaining the Armor of Night requires venturing into the depths of Bonny Gaol, a perilous dungeon located in southern Scadu Altus. Here’s a step-by-step guide to acquiring this enigmatic armor:

  1. Unearthing the Hidden Path: Travel through the caves beneath Moorth Ruins and reach Bonny Gaol.
  2. Ascending to the Peak: Use the jar lifts to reach the highest level of the Gaol.
  3. A Secret Revealed: Before reaching the bridge leading to the boss, utilize the final jar lift. However, instead of jumping off upon reaching the top, wait for the elevator to ascend again. This reveals a hidden floor on the upper level.
  4. Confronting the Shadows: Defeat the Shadow Undead guarding the guillotine on this hidden floor. 5. Claiming Your Birthright: Seize the glowing item upon the guillotine to obtain the Armor of Night, along with the rest of the Night Set. Don’t forget to explore the area further to discover the Shield of Night before departing.

Defense and Darkness

Beyond its lore, the Armor of Night offers a well-rounded defensive boost. It provides balanced physical protection against strikes, slashes, and pierces. It also boasts moderate magic defenses, offering some resistance against fire, lightning, and holy magic.

A Legacy of Shadow

The Armor of Night is more than just protective gear; it’s a portal to a forgotten past. Donning this armor, you become a symbol of the Swordhands of Night, wielding the power of darkness and wielding the mysteries of the deep. But beware, Tarnished, for the embrace of such power may come with unforeseen consequences.

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