Elden Ring Ansbach’s Manchettes

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces Ansbach’s Manchettes, a vital component of the Ansbach’s Set. More than just protective armwear, these gauntlets embody the unwavering resolve of Sir Ansbach, a conflicted knight torn between duty and conscience.

A Legacy Etched in Gold

The inscription describes the gauntlets as "black leather adorned with gold embroidery." This simple elegance hints at Ansbach’s noble lineage and his past affiliation with the Pureblood Knights. The additional detail of "slightly enhances Blood Oath and dynastic skills" suggests a connection to a specific combat style, perhaps emphasizing loyalty and sworn pacts.

Earning the Mark of Loyalty

To claim Ansbach’s Manchettes, you must embark on a journey intertwined with Ansbach’s questline. This path culminates in a critical decision – siding with Ansbach against Leda, his former commander, and later against the corrupted Radahn. After the final battle, Ansbach’s body will lie near the Site of Grace, his gauntlets a silent testament to his unwavering loyalty.

Fortified Forearms

Beyond their symbolic value, Ansbach’s Manchettes offer a layer of defensive protection. They provide well-rounded physical defense, with slightly higher resistance to strikes and slashes, crucial for deflecting enemy attacks. The gauntlets also boast moderate magical defenses, offering protection against fire, lightning, and holy magic.

A Well-Balanced Defender

The armor’s resistances further enhance your survivability. It bolsters your Immunity (against ailments like poison and scarlet rot), Robustness (physical resistance), Focus (against sleep and madness), and Vitality (overall health). The gauntlets also offer a small amount of Poise, allowing you to maintain your stance when facing lighter enemy attacks.

Ansbach’s Manchettes are more than just gauntlets; they represent the weight of unwavering loyalty. As you don these gauntlets, remember the unwavering devotion of Sir Ansbach and the consequences of oaths sworn in blood.

Additional Notes:

  • Consider mentioning the weight of the gauntlets for players who factor weight into their equipment choices. You can add a sentence like "At a weight of 1.7, Ansbach’s Manchettes are a relatively lightweight option for the defensive boost they provide."

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