Elden Ring Ansbach’s Longbow

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces Ansbach’s Longbow, a unique weapon steeped in the legend of Sir Ansbach. This unorthodox longbow offers a distinct combat style for Tarnished archers seeking a blend of power and agility.

A Masterful Design

The inscription describes the longbow as "consisting of two bow bodies and two strings." This unusual design hints at a complex construction, potentially offering advantages in both power and draw speed. Furthermore, the description notes that it can be "wielded similarly to a light bow," suggesting exceptional handling for a longbow. However, it requires "extraordinary dexterity" to master, emphasizing the need for skilled archers.

Claiming the Marksman’s Legacy

Obtaining Ansbach’s Longbow is tied to Sir Ansbach’s questline within Shadow Keep. However, the path to acquiring this weapon presents a crucial choice. You can either assist Ansbach in defeating an enemy invader or turn against him. The consequences of this decision will determine whether you receive the longbow.

Swift and True

Ansbach’s Longbow excels in delivering swift and precise shots. While specific details about its damage aren’t provided, its scaling with Strength and Dexterity suggests a balance between raw power and rapid fire.

Fanning the Flames of Battle

The weapon’s inherent skill, "Fan Shot," allows you to unleash a volley of arrows in a wide arc. This skill is perfect for thinning out groups of enemies or creating openings for critical hits.

Honing Your Craft

Ansbach’s Longbow can be further enhanced using Somber Smithing Stones, allowing you to unlock its full potential. As you invest these rare materials, the longbow’s damage and overall effectiveness will steadily increase.

Ansbach’s Longbow is more than just a weapon; it’s a testament to Sir Ansbach’s legacy. Wield it with skill and respect the complexity of its design. Remember, true mastery of this longbow demands not just strength, but exceptional dexterity and a keen tactical mind.

Additional Notes:

  • Consider mentioning the weight of the longbow for players who factor weight into their equipment choices.

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