A Legacy of Loyalty: Unveiling Elden Ring Ansbach’s Attire

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces Ansbach’s Attire, a chestpiece steeped in the story of a conflicted knight. This armor, once proudly adorned with the crest of the Pureblood Knights, now bears the marks of time and the weight of Ansbach’s unwavering loyalty.

A Faded Crest, an Unwavering Oath

The inscription paints a poignant picture. The Pureblood Knights’ crest, a symbol of Ansbach’s past allegiance, has faded. This reflects his internal struggle – torn between duty and a sense of justice. The description goes on to say that Ansbach’s Attire "slightly enhances Blood Oath and dynastic skills." This hints at a connection to a specific fighting style, perhaps one emphasizing loyalty and sworn oaths.

Claiming the Armor of a Loyal Soul

Acquiring Ansbach’s Attire isn’t just about bolstering your defenses; it’s about engaging with a narrative. To claim this armor, you must complete Sir Ansbach’s questline entirely. A crucial choice awaits you – siding with Ansbach against Leda, and later against the corrupted Radahn. After the final battle, Ansbach’s body will lie near the Site of Grace, his armor a silent testament to his unwavering loyalty.

A Fortified Shell

Beyond its symbolic weight, Ansbach’s Attire offers a significant boost to your defenses. It provides well-rounded physical protection, with slightly higher resistance to strikes and slashes. It also boasts impressive magical defenses, offering solid protection against fire, lightning, and holy magic.

A Well-Rounded Defender

The armor’s resistances further enhance your survivability. It bolsters your Immunity (against ailments like poison and scarlet rot), Robustness (physical resistance), Focus (against sleep and madness), and Vitality (overall health). The armor also offers a decent amount of Poise, allowing you to better withstand enemy attacks.

Ansbach’s Attire is more than just armor; it’s a window into a character’s soul. As you don this piece, remember the weight of Ansbach’s loyalty and the consequences of unwavering oaths.

Additional Notes:

  • You can replace the bracketed placeholder with a link to a map showing the location where Ansbach’s body can be found.

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