The Disciples of Uhtred

The Disciples of Uhtred is a monster in the Path of Exile: Expedition league.

The Disciples of Uhtred PoE

The Disciples of Uhtred Sound Design

  • Sound composer: Dominic

It was appropriate to use the base building-block magical elements of Uhtred’s magic, morphed together with heavy metallic tonal layers to create a lot of the audio for Uhtred’s disciples. Being larger and deadlier than your regular monsters, I really focused on making sure their abilities were telegraphed well and stood out in the mix as something dangerous, using higher pitched and sharper sounding elements at the start of their skills. For the vocals, I felt like this monster didn’t deserve some generic grunts and groans and instead I grabbed a mic and pressed record. I recorded disgusting, undead-like and painful sounds with my voice. Stacking a couple of my recorded vocal layers on top of each other and then mixing in some animal vocalisations using Zynaptiq’s MORPH 2, I got the exact sound I had envisioned before picking up the mic.

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