Diablo IV: Season 5 Beckons – Infernal Hordes Await on the PTR

Darkness stirs anew, adventurer. The gates of Hell tremble as monstrous legions prepare to spill forth. Will you answer the call and face this infernal threat? Gear up, for Season 5 of Diablo IV descends upon the Public Test Realm (PTR) from June 25th to July 2nd!

This second PTR for Diablo IV offers a chance to experience the fiery content of Season 5 firsthand. PC players with Battle.net accounts can dive in and test the upcoming features, helping to shape the final experience before its official launch.

The PTR serves as a crucial proving ground for upcoming updates. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us refine balance changes, squash bugs, and ensure Season 5 delivers the most polished and thrilling experience possible. By participating in the PTR, you play a vital role in forging the future of Sanctuary.

Prepare to face scorching challenges:

  • Infernal Hordes: A brand new endgame activity awaits! Test your mettle against relentless waves of demonic foes in this unforgiving gauntlet.
  • The Eyes of the Enemy Questline: Embark on a new quest chain following the events of the main storyline. Unravel a sinister plot and unlock the gateway to the Infernal Hordes.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Experience a variety of improvements based on player feedback, including the ability to refight bosses without dungeon resets and a host of balance adjustments for each class.

So sharpen your blades, hone your spells, and prepare to confront the inferno. Season 5 of Diablo IV awaits on the PTR, and your participation will help us make it the most epic season yet!

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