Treasure Goblins Get Greedy: A Boon for Bounty Hunters in Diablo IV Season 5

Those mischievous Treasure Goblins of Diablo IV are getting a wealthier makeover in Season 5! Get ready to chase them down for a significantly better chance of scoring legendary loot and valuable resources.

A Legendary Windfall:

Treasure Goblins are notorious for hoarding riches, and Season 5 reflects that. They now have a greatly improved loot quality. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Legendary Loot Bonanza: Goblins now drop 1-3 Legendary Items per encounter. This significantly increases your chances of acquiring those coveted best-in-slot items or valuable gear to trade with fellow adventurers.
  • Rare Riches: While the focus is on Legendaries, Treasure Goblins haven’t forgotten about Rares. You can expect 2-6 Rare items to drop alongside the Legendaries. The number of Rares scales inversely with the number of Legendaries – the more Legendary items a Goblin drops, the fewer Rares you’ll find.

Beyond the Glimmering Gold:

Treasure Goblins aren’t just about flashy loot. Season 5 ensures they also provide a steady stream of essential resources:

  • Elixir Boost: Goblins now consistently drop 1-2 Elixirs, replenishing your stock of valuable potions to keep you fighting fit.
  • Crafting Materials: Each Goblin encounter guarantees a cache of Common Ore, Herbs, Leather, and Gem Fragments – the building blocks for crafting powerful gear and enhancements.
  • Gold Rush: Prepare for a financial windfall! Treasure Goblins now drop significantly more gold. The amount scales with the Goblin’s level and World Tier, ranging from 40k gold for a lowly Level 1 Goblin in World Tier I to a whopping 150k gold for a Level 100 Goblin in World Tier IV. This injects a significant boost to your gold reserves, allowing you to fuel your character’s growth through powerful upgrades and enchants.

A Scattered Bounty:

The cherry on top of this treasure trove comes in the form of Scattered Prisms. These valuable resources, crucial for upgrading gear in Season 5, now have a chance to drop from Treasure Goblins. The chance scales with World Tier, offering a 10% chance in World Tiers I and II, a 20% chance in World Tier III, and a 30% chance in World Tier IV.

With these substantial improvements, Treasure Goblins in Season 5 become even more enticing targets. So, sharpen your blades, hone your hunting instincts, and prepare to reap the rewards of a truly golden opportunity!

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