Diablo 4 Mercenaries


Is it not better to wander with a friend by your side? Never fight alone as Mercenaries can join you on your quest to battle side by side with you in the dense undergrowth of Nahantu and beyond. These powerful allies grow in power as they progress, and each are equipped with unique abilities to help you in combat.

Diablo 4 Mercenaries

New PvE End-Game Co-Op Activity

Lurking within the shadows lies your next great challenge, filled with powerful tribulations and promising rewards. First of its kind to Diablo, this dungeon will require eager warriors to team up and take down various perils together. More details on this game mode will be revealed soon.

Diablo 4 New PvE End-Game Co-Op Activity

Base Game Updates

At Vessel of Hatred launch, we will also be introducing various updates across the entire game to improve and re-work core systems that have been around since launch. Empower your favorite Classes with new Skills, added Paragon Boards, and Legendary Glyphs. Explore new Dungeon types, added activities and rewards from the Tree of Whispers, and more.

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