Diablo 4 Aspect of The Unholy Tether – Mobility

The Aspect of the Unholy Tether is a Legendary Aspect specifically designed for Necromancers in Diablo 4 Season 5, and it falls under the Mobility category. This Aspect focuses on granting you and your Golem a significant movement speed boost and improved movement capabilities.

  • Casting Golem’s active Skill creates a bond between you for 6 seconds. While the bond is active, both of you are Unhindered and gain 25-40% Movement Speed.

Here’s a breakdown of its effects:

Trigger: The Aspect activates whenever you cast the active skill of your Golem. This could be the skill that summons the Golem itself, or a command skill that grants the Golem a specific buff or action.

Unhindered Movement: While the bond is active (lasting 6 seconds), both you and your Golem gain the Unhindered movement effect. This removes any impediments to your movement, such as slowing effects or difficult terrain.

Movement Speed Increase: On top of the Unhindered effect, you and your Golem also receive a bonus to movement speed, ranging from 25% to 40%. This allows you to traverse the battlefield much faster and reposition yourselves strategically.

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Strategic Uses:

The Aspect of the Unholy Tether offers several tactical advantages for Necromancers who utilize Golems:

Improved Mobility: The increased movement speed allows you to keep pace with faster enemies and quickly reach distant targets. This is particularly beneficial for catching up to fleeing enemies or rotating around the battlefield more effectively.

Enhanced Golem Positioning: Since the Golem also benefits from the movement speed boost and Unhindered movement, you can more easily maneuver it into optimal positions to tank enemies or disrupt their formations.

Strategic Escapes: The Aspect can be a valuable tool for escaping danger zones or repositioning yourself to avoid heavy enemy attacks. The burst of movement speed and Unhindered effect can help you disengage from enemies more effectively.

Synergy with Skills and Items:

This Aspect works particularly well with Necromancer builds that rely on Golem skills for damage or crowd control.

Items that further enhance your Golem’s health or abilities can improve its effectiveness as a companion, especially when considering the increased movement speed and Unhindered effect from the Aspect.

Skills that slow enemies or teleport you short distances can further complement the Aspect’s mobility benefits.


The Aspect of the Unholy Tether is a great choice for Necromancers who want to improve their overall mobility and the combat effectiveness of their Golems. The burst of movement speed and Unhindered effect for both you and your Golem make you a more agile and adaptable necromancer on the battlefield.

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