Buy Cheap PoE Faceted Fossil Price

What is Faceted Fossil?

Faceted Fossil is a fossil type of poe currency.

PoE Faceted Fossil Price

League Price
Betrayal Softcore $3.98
Betrayal Hardcore $40.8

Faceted Fossil

How can I get Faceted Fossil in Path of Exile?

Can only drop in the Azurite Mine.

Can be aquired in one of two ways:

  • Is sometimes sold by Niko the Mad for 1 000 000 Azurite
  • As a drop from a room that “Contains Fossils“:
    • Smuggler’s Stash (Any Biome)
    • Haunted Tomb (Fungal Caverns)
    • Stonewood Hollow (Petrified Forest)
    • Crystal Spire (Abyssal Depths]
    • Time-Lost Cavern (Frozen Hollow)
    • Molten Cavity (Magma Fissure)
    • Humid Fissure (Sulphur Vents)

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