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What is Orb of Augmentation?

An Orb of Augmentation is a currency item that can be used to enhance a piece of magic equipment with an additional random affix. This can only be used on an item with one affix, since magic items can have at most one prefix and one suffix.

PoE Orb of Augmentation Price

League Price
Betrayal Softcore $0.0089166666666667
Betrayal Hardcore $0.0224
Standard $2.25(1000)
Hardcore $0.0212

Orb of Augmentation

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How can I get Orb of Augmentation in Path of Exile?

Orbs of Augmentation are common currency items that can be dropped by slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers. They also drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes.

One Orb of Augmentation can be purchased from Nessa for 4 Orb of Transmutation.

Orbs of Augmentation can also be obtained using the following vendor recipes:

Result Recipe
1× Orb of Augmentation item with six affixes
1× Orb of Augmentation 1 x normal, 1 x magic, 1 x rare item of the same base type
2× Orb of Augmentation 1 x normal, 1 x magic, 1 x rare (all unidentified) of the same base type

Orb of Augmentation Divination Card

A set of 5 Emperor’s Luck can be exchanged for five Orbs of Augmentation. Not guaranteed: A set grants 5 of any random currency.

Orb of Augmentation Spending

Orbs of Augmentation are most often used to add an additional affix to a magic item with only one affix. Unlike its much rarer cousin the Exalted Orb, Orbs of Augmentation are commonly and frequently used by all players, often in conjunction with an Orb of Transmutation and Orbs of Alteration. At low levels or in races, they may be used to quickly craft useful magic items before stronger rare items can be found to replace them. They are also used on strongboxes to potentially improve the items dropped. At high levels, Orbs of Augmentation are used in conjunction with Orbs of Alteration to craft magic items with top-tier affixes as the first step in a long crafting process to produce a high-end rare item. They are also used to craft desirable affixes on maps.

Orbs of Augmentation can be used to purchase certain low-level magic items directly from vendors. One can also sell 4 Orbs of Augmentation to Nessa in exchange for an Orb of Alteration, or 64 Orbs of Augmentation to Haku for 20 Orb of Alteration once daily. They also are used in the following vendor recipes:

Result Recipes
Magic Boots with 10% increased Movement Speed ×1
  • White Boots ×1
  • Any rarity Quicksilver Flask x1
  • 1× Orb of Augmentation
Magic Boots with (X+5)% increased Movement Speed ×1
  • Magic Boots with X% Movement Speed ×1
  • Any rarity Quicksilver Flask x1
  • 1× Orb of Augmentation
Weapon with x added damage ×1
  • Weapon ×1 or Weapon with x added damage ×1
  • Orb of Augmentation ×1
  • Granite Flask ×1 (Physical Damage) or Ruby Flask ×1 (Fire Damage) or Sapphire Flask ×1 (Cold Damage) or Topaz Flask ×1 (Lightning Damage)
Ring or amulet with +x to Chaos Resistance ×1
  • Ring or amulet ×1
  • Orb of Augmentation ×1
  • Amethyst Flask ×1

Lastly, Orbs of Augmentation are used for a very large number of crafting bench recipes associated with the Forsaken masters Haku, Elreon, Catarina, Tora, Leo, and Vagan.