Anomalous Boneshatter PoE

Boneshatter Anomalous Boneshatter is an Alternate Quality gem of BoneshatterBoneshatter.

Per 1% Quality: 1% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold.

Attack enemies with a forceful melee strike that also hurts you. Successive uses will raise the damage dealt both to enemies and you. Stunning an enemy with the strike releases a damaging pulse. Requires a Mace, Sceptre, Axe or Staff.

  • +(0–2) to Melee Strike Range
  • Pulse has 15% increased Area of Effect per 0.1s of Stun Duration, up to 400%
  • Gain 1 Trauma the first time this Attack Hits an Enemy
  • Take (6–194) Physical Damage per Trauma when you gain Trauma
  • Trauma lasts 6 seconds
  • (2–4)% more Damage per Trauma
  • (11–158) to (17–238) Added Attack Physical Damage

Anomalous Boneshatter PoE

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Alternate Quality

Gem Quality Stats Weight
Boneshatter (0–20)% increased Stun Duration on enemies 50
Anomalous Boneshatter (0–20)% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold 50
Divergent Boneshatter (0–1)% increased Attack Speed per Trauma
Take (0–20) Physical Damage per Trauma when you gain Trauma

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