Quick Sell: A Last Resort for FC 24 Ultimate Team Cards

The FC 24 Ultimate Team transfer market hums with activity, offering a dynamic platform to buy, sell, and trade players. But what about those unwanted cards cluttering your collection? While the Quick Sell option might seem tempting, let’s explore some alternatives before you hit that button.

The Quick Sell Conundrum:

Instant FC Coins, Minimal Reward: Quick Sell offers a fast way to convert unwanted cards into a small amount of FC Coins. However, the payout is significantly lower than what you could potentially earn through a successful transfer market listing.

Smarter Selling Strategies:

Market Maestro: The transfer market is your friend! List your unwanted cards at a competitive price to attract potential buyers. Research current market trends and player values to ensure you’re setting a fair price.

Squad Building Challenge (SBC) Hero: Some unwanted cards might be goldmines in disguise! Analyze upcoming SBC requirements and see if any of your cards fit the bill. List them strategically when the SBC drops, and watch their value rise as demand spikes.

Advanced Techniques:

Batch Selling: For a collection of truly unwanted common or bronze cards, Quick Sell might be a time-saving option. However, consider listing them in bulk at a slightly lower price to attract a quicker sale.

Consumable Cleanup: Expired contracts or fitness cards have no use on the transfer market. Quick Sell these in bulk to free up space in your club and earn a small amount of FC 24 Coins.


Quick Sell should be a last resort, especially for valuable cards. Here are some additional tips:

Prioritize Team Building: Before selling, consider if the card could be a valuable squad player or potential training fodder for existing players.

Don’t Panic Sell: Market fluctuations happen. If a player’s value dips temporarily, hold onto them – their price might rebound in the future.

The Art of the Deal:

By exploring the transfer market and utilizing strategic selling techniques, you can maximize your FC Coin return and streamline your FC 24 Ultimate Team experience. Remember, a little planning goes a long way in the dynamic world of player trading!

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