Confronting the Fallen: A Guide to Diablo IV’s Fell Council

A Guide to Diablo IV’s Fell Council

Having conquered the relentless waves of the Infernal Hordes, only one challenge remains – the Fell Council. These once-noble priests now stand as monstrous guardians, twisted by demonic influence. Their tale is a tragic one. In the events of Diablo II, they swore an oath to safeguard Sanctuary from the Prime Evil Mephisto. Yet, in a cruel twist of fate, their very devotion became their undoing. Corrupted by the Burning Hells, the Fell Council now stands as champions of the very demon they pledged to oppose.

A Corrupted Conclave:

The Fell Council consists of five formidable members, each wielding unique and devastating abilities. However, you won’t face all five at once. With each encounter, a random trio from the council emerges to test your skills. Be prepared to adapt your tactics on the fly, as each combination of council members presents a unique strategic puzzle.


Unveiling the Fallen:

While specific details on each Fell Council member’s abilities remain shrouded in secrecy, glimpses have been revealed:

  • Brother Uriel, the Zealot: A once-righteous warrior, Uriel now wields righteous fervor fueled by demonic corruption. Expect relentless attacks and potent area-of-effect damage.
  • Inquisitor Ezra: This former scholar has embraced forbidden knowledge, unleashing dark magic that can warp reality itself. Beware of illusions and mind-bending attacks.
  • High Confessor Andariel: Consumed by a twisted sense of piety, Andariel utilizes holy light twisted into a weapon of excruciating pain. Prepare for potent single-target damage and debilitating debuffs.

A Fury Ignited:

As you inflict damage on the Fell Council, their desperation grows. Expect their attacks to become increasingly frantic and unpredictable. Maintaining focus and flawless execution will be paramount to overcoming this final hurdle.

Claiming Your Reward:

By vanquishing the Fell Council, you’ll have not only proven your mastery over the Infernal Hordes, but also claimed a treasure trove of Burning Aether. This hard-earned currency becomes the key to unlocking the Spoils of Hell, a place where legendary weapons, potent armor, and other coveted rewards await.

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